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"Are you lonely?"
"Why would I be lonely?"
"Because you’re sad. Have you lost something?”
"What did you lose?"
"My friend."

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firesingedsoul: “I made some cocoa and got engaged.”
                    Doctor Who sentence starters.

What in the name of Galli Who the hell was that?

How in the World Universe had this happened? Engaged? Cocoa? Engaged? And who even was this bloke? With his funny nose, and his weird ears, and his his His face! He didn’t trust that face. First of all, who was he? Second of all, he had an untrustworthy face. He didn’t like that face. He was all He was just He was. He just was.

And this was just… This wasn’t Ginny! That’s what this was. It wasn’t Ginny. He knew she had an affinity to bringing things along back into the TARDIS after a trip, but this was getting ridiculous. First the cat, now she wanted to bring a stray along!

His ship was only so big.

Okay, technically she was sort of infinite, but that was just so beside the point this time. She wouldn’t like him either. Yeah, he could go with that. The TARDIS wouldn’t like him much. If the Doctor didn’t like him much (which he didn’t, his name could have been Voyager Captain Galileo Tiberius Apollo of Starjet for all he cared, he did not approve) then she definitely would not like him.

He needed to go.

                             I was gone for two minutes! 




  • “The children of my civilisation would be insulted.”
  • “You have a knack of getting yourself into trouble.”
  • “We’re always in trouble! It follows us everywhere.”
  • “I made some cocoa and got engaged.”
  • “I can’t decide whether you’re a rogue, a halfwit, or both.”
  • “You squashed my favourite Beatles!”
  • “We’re trying to defeat the Daleks, not start a jumble sale!”
  • “No one mentioned cutting throats.”
  • “I am a citizen of the universe, and a gentleman to boot.”
  • “I keep my eyes open and my mouth shut.”
  • “You might almost say the Cyberman had a… complete metal breakdown.”
  • “Have you thought up some clever plan?”
  • “I’m going to bung a rock at it.”
  • “People spend all their time making nice things and then other people come along and break them!”
  • “Logic merely enables one to be wrong with authority.”
  • “Just pretend to be stupid. Think you can manage that?”
  • “I hate computers and refuse to be bullied by them!”
  • “Great jumping gobstobbers!”
  • “You, sir, are a nitwit.”
  • “Sometimes I think ‘military intelligence’ is a contradiction in terms.”
  • “… you ham-fisted bun vendor.”
  • “You were trying to make cocoa in my lab?!”
  • “Nuclear explosions? Take the usual precautions… sticky tape on windows, that sort of thing.”
  • “Do they have mice in Atlantis?”
  • “I never thought I’d have to fire in anger at a dratted caterpillar.”
  • “Would you like a jelly baby?”
  • “You’re standing on my scarf.”
  • “Call me ‘old girl’ again and I’ll spit in your eye.”
  • “Excuse me, can you help me? I’m a spy.”
  • “You’re just a mouth on legs.”
  • “Oh, you know how it is; you put things off for a day and next thing you know, it’s a hundred years later.”
  • “I speak treason fluently.”
  • “It’s more a mental stroll in a park of psychic tranquility.”
  • “A little gratitude wouldn’t irreetrievably damage my ego.”
  • “I shall beat it into submission with my charm.”
  • “We aren’t getting anywhere playing pat-a-cake with the wall.”
  • “You’re bonkers.”
  • “Guns can seriously damage your health, you know.”
  • “Are you trying to be funny?”
  • “Absence makes the nose grow longer.”
  • “A bird in the hand keeps the Doctor away.”
  • “Every dogma has its day.”
  • “Two wrongs don’t make a left turn.”
  • “Time and tide melts the snowman.”
  • “One tends to expect advice from one’s adviser.”
  • “Do me a favour and drown yourself.”
  • “You’re a nice guy, but a little weird…”
  • “Anybody remotely interesting is mad in some way or another.”
  • “These shoes! They fit perfectly!”
  • “Am I being abducted?”
  • “Go to hell, sir.”
  • “Are you capable of speaking without flapping your hands about?”
  • “I came first in jiggery pokery.”
  • “I failed hullabaloo.”
  • “What the Shakespeare is going on?”
  • “I’ve never been slapped by someone’s mother.”
  • “Excuse me, do you mind not farting while I’m saving the world?”
  • “Are you my mummy?”
  • “That is textbook enigmatic.”
  • “They think I’m in drag!”
  • “Oh… I should have realised. He’s into musical theatre.”
  • “I can save the universe using a kettle and some string. And look at me, I’m wearing a vegetable!”
  • “I’m going to report you for… madness!!”
  • “I point and laugh at archaeologists.”
  • “Please desist from striking me.”
  • “I was promised tea!”
  • “Have you got space teeth?!”
  • “A poncho. The biggest crime against fashion since lederhosen.”
  • “Let’s die looking like a Peruvian folk band.”
  • “Okay, this is bad. At the moment I don’t know how bad, but certainly we’re three buses, a long walk, and eight quid in a taxi from good.”
  • “I’m the clever one, you’re the potato one!”

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░░▒▓█ ☾ ★ ☽

            ❝ hello ————
                                  are you 
            actually, PROPERLY  r e a l ? ❞


         { he poked himself, a bit. his forehead
              crinkling, lips pursed in deliberation.
              in all, he mostly found out that yeah,
              he was almost positive he was quite
              real; and he didn’t like poking himself. }

                                            fairly certain, yes. 



Hey guys so i’ve seen other people try this and thought i would try it. I was suppose to switch schools this year but my mom changed her mind and now i cant, and now the only way her and Joe will let me switch for sophomore year is if this gets 30,000 notes. I got bullied so much last year that i went back in the closet and i’ve talked to the principal of the school my mom is making me go to and he cant to anything about bullying because of “religious freedom”. I went on a tour of the school I want to go to and met who my classmates would be and i feel completely safe there, while at the school my mom wants me to go to I dont feel safe and my anxiety is worse. So maybe we can get enough notes on this for me to transfer? 


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Good men don’t need rules. Today is not a good day to find out why I have so many.

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cries i’m writing again and it feels so good

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8. My muse in a maid's outfit, feeling rather silly.

"I know we had a bet and all, but this is absolutely ridiculous!”

His voice called from around the corner, and he could all but feel the grin he’d be receiving if he rounded that corner. This was just It was silly! Granted, he enjoyed a bit of silly, but this was a different sort all together. This was a silly he was entirely not comfortable with. He’d even had to take off his bow tie for this.

If the bow tie came off, chances are he was not going to be happy about it. And what did you know, he was just a bit less than happy about this predicament. He thought, perhaps whining about it might make it a bit more easy, and just perhaps she’d let him off just this once.

Alright, he already knew that wasn’t going to happen.

"Just don’t laugh"

He heard the laughter before he’d even finished his sentence. With his cheeks flared up to a bright scarlet shade, and the short, black dress feeling incredibly uncomfortable he knew he’d have to exact his revenge for this very, very soon.


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12. My muse in handcuffs, no key in sight.

The jingling of metal stopped as soon as the echoes of footsteps started, his eyes searching the room for something anything. A whole bleeding ship, filled with artifacts from across the Universe, and absolutely nothing. How was that even possible? He spent his days in different worlds, with different cultures, among different species. He spent his lives searching each crevice of creation, and yet somehow this was his undoing.

How cruel.

And then the footsteps stopped, and for a moment he was fearful to meet the eyes that he knew would have that look. That look on that face. That bleeding smirky, Scottish face. Oh, how he would love to be swallowed up by a black hole right now. How lovely a thought would that be.

And yet, he knew someone would have to find his sonic, because it certainly would not be him at this given time. With a great sigh, the metal rattled at his wrists and all he could do was offer up a defeated glare. The handcuffs restraining his hands and mocking him oh so greatly refrained him from doing much else.

        “         Oh, shut up!”


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6. A dozen roses. All over the floor.

He could feel the confused stare, and he knew his time was most definitely up. He also realised that maybe this wasn’t his best idea. Frankly, it wasn’t even his best idea of the day, let alone what he had been planning. He supposed this is what he got for hiding something from her. 

She always found out. Everything. Always. It was like sorcery!

Letting out a sigh, and cringing only just a bit, he glanced up to see her vivid hair framing her very perplexed expression. He would, of course, love to go with the ‘Before you say anything, this wasn’t my fault!’ but he figured that really wouldn’t work this time. And also, it was his fault, but that was entirely beside the point.

"I may have miscalculated this just a bit."

His murmured voice filled the room, which just so happened to be filled to the absolute brim with rose petals of different shades. He was up to his knees in them, literally. Somehow the ship had taken a dozen finely neat roses in a crystal vase  which he had somehow snuck past her on their last adventure  to one hundred dozen roses, each bouquet looking as though it had exploded into a floral hurricane.

"I would very much like to explain, and gauging your reaction I probably should, but frankly I haven’t a clue.