Crash and Burn // doesntdowood

Poking and prodding at the buttons on the TARDIS’ console panel apparently didn’t help fix the damage that had been, neither did it help diffuse the air of smoke that was slowly floating out the open door from the middle of the console, straight from the engine. They’d crashed. Again. He was getting good at that. But the yelling really didn’t help with anything, really. He hadn’t meant to crash onto that woman’s shed. And she really didn’t need to throw that trowel at him. Really, it was terribly uncalled for. He’d apologised!

Apparently that didn’t mean much to the angry woman from… well, he wasn’t terribly certain where they were. Well, he was. They were still in the woman’s garden. It became easier once she had fainted. Not that he would have preferred it, but it did help from giving him a migraine. Though in which city or town they were in he could not answer. And the TARDIS obviously wasn’t helping much. Given even the heating had given way. Thankfully it was not terribly cold, though.

Still, the Doctor didn’t fancy being left alone like some sort of… normal human. Gods, what if he couldn’t get the TARDIS working? What if he had to stay inside a normal timeline? His eyes widened and he twirled around, momentarily giving up on incessantly jamming his finger into one of the buttons. No! He would not be resorting to such levels of torture. They’d figure this one out. Just like always. Slowly, though, his patience was being tested. And it had only been ten minutes. How was he expected to live like this?

"Emilllyyyy! Where are you? Where’s the water for the unconscious lady? Help meeee!"

He was just barely avoiding stomping like a child.


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